Software to run your token offering

We build battle-tested software that helps run your sale, hassle-free.
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Token sales are complicated and expensive. We can help.

We make the process quick and painless so you can focus on building your product.
Easy multi-currency funding and tracking
Securely manage funds on-chain in ETC, BTC, and USDC and track your sale progress.
KYC/AML services
We cater to the requirements of your offering, including watchlist lookups, document and identity verification, and country-specific restrictions.
Custom user flows
We have tested software for whitelisting, soft commits, reservations, token purchase, KYC/AML, and more.
Asset distribution
Our vetted smart contracts help you track and quickly distribute assets.
24/7 Support
Our veteran support team answers all the hard questions so you don't have to.

Compliance made clear

Whether you're running a Reg D 506c or Reg S offering, our ex-SEC attornies will work with your legal counsel to make sure your offering is airtight.
Global offering preparation
We work with you to implement the right geographical restrictions regardless of how you want to run your sale.
Offering doc review
Whether you're going through a 506b, 506c, or Reg S exemption, we help make sure you're doing it right.
KYC/AML as a service
We work with a reputable 3rd party provider to perform all necessary checks on your purchasers.

Seamless contributions

You shouldn't have to write code to accept cryptocurrency contributions and run your sale. We do all of this for you. With just a few lines of code, our cryptocurrency contribution widget plugs right into your website to handle KYC/AML, purchaser funding, and more.

Our Services

Funding and asset distribution

  • Accept and track payments in BTC, ETH, USDC, and USD wire
  • Generate secure funding addresses per-buyer
  • Lock in crypto purchase rates averaging across the sale, at sale end, or per-buyer at time of contribution
  • Distribute all your tokens with a single transaction
  • Flexibly set funding limits for the sale or per-buyer
  • Refund purchasers as necessary


  • Structure and review Reg D and Reg S offering docs
  • Run identity verification and watchlist checks
  • Run document authenticity checks and selfie verification
  • Gather accreditation documents
  • Restrict access from certain jurisdictions based on your sale requirements
  • Collect document signatures


  • 24/7 support via Intercom, email, and Telegram
  • Take reservations from propsective buyers
  • Build customized solutions on request
  • Introductions to the right people to help make your sale successful